90/90/30 Pork Ribs


These are one of my favorite cooks. They are pretty easy and there is not much you can do to mess them up. For “Amazing Ribs” though, it does take a little effort.

There are several different methods on the web for Grilling pork ribs. The most common seems to be the 3/2/1 method. Three hours over indirect heat, then two hours wrapped, then another hour indirect to apply  and caramelize the glaze.

Several months ago my friends at BBQPitstop suggested trying 90/90/30. I tried it and was surprised the ribs were AMAZING. And, it took half the cook time. I’ve converted to the 90/90/30 grill.

Here’s how it happens:

Rinse the ribs in cold water rubbing them to make sure you get all the bone dust off. Also make sure the membrane is off the bone side.

Pat the ribs dry and trim the small end side. I cook these separate and eat them as I cook. If you keep them on they’ll be overcooked and dry. I’d rather enjoy them.

I cut the racks in half. It makes them easier to fit on the grill and easier to wrap for the freezer when you’re done. If I’m grilling a Costco 3-pack of ribs I’ll end up with 6 half racks. Four half reacts go in the freezer to enjoy later and two half racks are devoured now.

Next I fire up the Kamado Big Joe. I’ll let it fire with the lid open for art 10 min while I’m applying the rub to the ribs.

Then apply the rub. I used Code3spices 5-0 Rub on the meat side of these ribs and SMOKIN GUNS HOT rub on the bone side. I like a sweeter rub on the meat side and hot/spicy on the bone side. Use a binder if you want to help the rub adhere better. I don’t think it is necessary.


With the ribs ready I’ll add some “post oak” wood chunks to the lump coal and put on the heat deflected. I put some foil over the deflector for simple ease of cleaning the deflector and to add some sizzle from drippings from the ribs.

The grill level temp should be about 250 degrees.

Then simply put on the ribs meat side up. With the 90/90/30 method I’ll check them and spritz at 45 min.

Wrap the ribs at 90 min. I use a double foil wrap. You can add liquid and other goodies to the wrap as well. I like adding brown sugar, parkay, and some Tiger Sauce.

Put the wrapped packs back on for another 90 minutes keeping the temp art 250. Make sure they are meat side down.

Prepare the glaze while the ribs are on the grill. I like “Blues HogH Championship sauce. But, you can use anything you want. Thin the main sauce with something to thin the glaze a little. Honey works great. I’ve also used Chipotle Raspberry sauce and an Apricot sauce. Both I found at Costco. I’ve also used some “Fireball” liquor with success.


Pull the ribs off after 90 minutes, unwrap and put them back on the grill. Start meat side down and mop the bone side with the sauce. Mop the meat side liberally with sauce and close the grill for about 10 min.

After 10 min mop the meat side again and turn the ribs to meat side down, mop the bone side again.

After 10 min turn the ribs to meat side up again and give a last light mop of sauce. Close the lid again.

After 10 min check the glaze. You can keep the ribs on for up to an add’l 30 min to whatever degree of caramelization you want on the glaze.