I am simply the Backyard BBQ Fanatic!

I’m not a Professional BBQ’r. I’ve not had any formal culinary training. I’ve never competed in a BBQ competition, never written a cookbook, nor sold my own rubs. I simply love to cook and have a passion for backyard BBQ. I Que something at least once a week, and when I’m not grilling/smoking I’m checking out what others are doing to get some ideas. I love to experiment and almost never follow a recipe or prepare a meat the same way twice. It usually turns out AWESOME, but not always.

My Background

Now in my early 60’s I’ve been grilling for over 50 yrs. started grilling as a teenager. As the youngest of 13 kids, my mom was done with cooking. So, I had the opportunity to cook/eat whatever I wanted. She kept the fridge/freezer stocked and I was happy. We had a Gas Grill and a Weber Charcoal grill. I grilled burgers, chicken, ribs, and vegetables.

As a young married with 5 kids, I kept up the grilling on Gas and a Weber.  Back in 2003 I bought my first Smoker, an electric “Cook Shack”. I’d tried smoke boxes and low n’ slow cooking on the gas grill but the Smoker was a whole different world. I expanded beyond ribs and chicken to porkbutt and brisket. I mainly just cooked for my family, but did a couple of wedding dinners serving ribs in a buffet to 150 people.

In Oct 2015, my son bought a BGE. We’ve always shared a passion for cooking and love of BBQ. Of course I couldn’t be outdone, so I bought a Kamado Big Joe. The Kamado expanded my grilling/smoking to more low n’ slow cooking and adding the delightful kiss of smoke that you just can’t get from a gas grill.

When not grilling, my main passion is Family. My wife and 5 kids, and their spouses, and the grandkids are the best. I also love riding my road bike and playing a little Pickleball.

Thanks for coming to my site. I hope you’ll stick around and share some ideas. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. Its the friends and acquaintances that make all the cooking fun.